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A Message from the President

When you join Longo’s, you are joining a company whose business is firmly rooted in family values. Our rich history dates back to 1956 when our vision took shape and we opened our very first store. Today, we remain a proudly Canadian, family-owned business that is committed to continued growth and expansion. 

We have created, maintained and grown a workplace where individuals are respected, contributions are rewarded and people have the latitude to take ownership of their careers and the support and encouragement necessary to be the most they can be. 

When we speak about our values, we are talking about the fundamental principles that drive our business. We are talking about honesty, openness, collaboration and a commitment to treating customers and employees with the respect and dignity they deserve. We listen to what they have to say, we take their views to heart and, perhaps most importantly, act accordingly.  We know that strong families and businesses succeed because of the mutual respect and honest relationships that become the norm and not the exception.

To recruit and grow the very best for our company, we’re committed to maintaining an environment that encourages constant learning, loyalty and accountability at all business levels.  Our promise to you is: 

       A Caring Environment

       A Culture of Teamwork

       A Place to Grow and Pursue Excellence


As Longo’s continues to introduce new and exciting changes to our stores and offerings, we are committed to honoring our past while we look forward to embracing the future.


We’d love for you to be part of our future and join the family. Apply today! 



Anthony Longo

President and CEO

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