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Our People Vision is all about helping people be the best they can be. That’s why we invest in our team members by providing training that will enable them to thrive and grow within the organization. The Company uses a blended and balanced approach to learning. This means a combination of different training methodologies are used to ensure that the transition of knowledge successfully occurs for each team member. Blended training may include a combination of:

  • Online learning
  • Just in Time training
  • Management led programs
  • Classroom training
  • Self paced learning
All our team members receive core training which covers policies and procedures, Health & Safety, Food Safety and Customer Service. In each department, team members also receive the technical training they need to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect. For positions requiring certification, team members are trained to ensure that they are safe and confident to carry out their responsibilities.

Team Member Training Plan

Team Member Training Plan

Management Training Programs

We grow our own. Team members who choose to develop their careers with us have the opportunity to enter our Department Manager Training program through the sponsorship of their Store Manager. The participants in this program learn the key elements of beginning their journey as a manager within the Company through a blended approach of classroom, on-the-job and textbook material.

Store Management Programs

Our store managers are on a lifelong journey of learning. Through continuous, just-in-time and scheduled programs, our store and assistant store managers upgrade and sharpen their skills to keep them on the top of their field. Their learning comes to life through participation in industry conferences, seminars, classroom training, field trips and various cross functional project teams.
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