Catch Conscious:
A sustainable approach to seafood
Organic Green Bin Program
Cardboard & Paper Recycling
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"Take it Back" Program
Packaging Alternatives & Reduction Programs
Energy Efficient Equipment
Replenishing Trees Program

Longo’s Environmental Awareness Initiatives

Longo's has long recognized the need to protect and serve our environment, having supported green efforts long before it was popular to do so.

Longo's has a proud, long standing and proactive commitment to the environment. We encourage our customers and partners to participate in behavior that support environmental sustainable activities.   With a reputation as one of the first to recycle our organic waste, we are now working closely with manufactures, suppliers to produce products in a more environmentally- friendly manner. Furthermore, our building management team is working to ensure our facilities are as energy efficient as possible.

Here are some of the many ways in which we endeavour to do our part:

At Longo’s, we care about the world’s oceans, and about helping you make the right food choices for your family.

If you’re like us – and a growing number of Canadians – you want to rest assured that the seafood the seafood you enjoy is caught sustainably. That means “wild caught” or “farm raised” from fishing practices that allow long term health and stability of fish populations to recover to healthy levels.

Sustainable Seafood:
It's your choice.

Choosing sustainable seafood is an easy and effective way to help maintain the health of oceans and rivers for fish to thrive and survive for future generations.

Catch Conscious™ is our way of making it easier for you to tell whether the seafood you’re buying is helping the survival of ocean wildiife.

That’s what this guide is for – to help you make delicious, sustainable seafood choices at our grocery stores. The list is updated frequently, so be sure to check it often!

To learn more about sustainable seafood please click on the following link.

Spearheaded Organic Recycling Program -
Resulting in thousands of tonnes composed ever year.

All Longo's store locations are supplied with Green Bins. Organic Waste such as Vegetable trimmings, fruits, bakery products and Dairy products which are discarded into these bins daily. These organic bins hold 100kg of organic waste and an average store fills about 4 bins per day.

This organic waste is used as cattle feed and is shipped locally to farms in Cambridge and Stouffville.

Furthermore, Longo’s recycles inedible by-products such as meat bones, discarded meat fats and store grease with Rothsay. Rothsay then transform these products into value added products.

GreenQuality, Ecologo Certified Products –
Environmental Closed
Loop Partnership between Kruger and Longo’s

Longo’s has partnered with Kruger Products, one of our suppliers, to participate in their “Close the Loop” Program which repurposes our cardboard and paper waste, based on our usage, thus maintaining a continual recycled supply and greatly reducing our impact on the environment.

Cardboard and paper from Longo’s facilities  is recycled as part of the Environmental Closed Loop partnership between Kruger and Longo’s: this amount of recycling will be collected by Kruger recycling and returned to Kruger’s system to contribute to the production of tissue products and packaging materials.

A Green Way to Grocery Shop - 

Longo’s offers our consumers online shopping at resulting in helping to keep hundreds of vehicles off the roadways every week.  It’s like carpooling for groceries! Our trucks run on biodiesel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and follow our anti-idling policy.

Grocery gateway does not use plastic bags- your order arrives in 100% recyclable and reusable cardboard boxes.

Longo’s Recycles Plastic

Each Longo’s location has a “Take It Back” recycling station at the entrance of the store. This allows consumers to recycle their plastic bags from the previous shop. We will recycle your plastic bags into new consumers products such as clean new plastic shopping bags, outdoor decking, and railing product.

Longo’s also recycles all plastic skid wraps from store and warehouse deliveries.

Consumers are also given the opportunity to recycle in our stores while enjoying their food. There are garbage bins that are set up for plastic container recycling as well as paper and cardboard.

Our shopping bag is made from 50% recycled plastic. This bag has one of the highest recycled content in the retail industry.


In 2010, Longo’s is working with their packaging partners to reduce plastic packaging weights. Longo’s has mandated their suppliers and set a target of 10% weight reduction in packaging.

As well, many forms of our in-store containers are being converted to #1 Plastics PET.  PET has the highest demand for recycling. Most recycling facilities are only equipped to handle #1 and #2 Plastics. Our current plastic salad bar container and several bakery containers have been converted to PET.

Longo’s is currently working with a packaging manufacture to develop clean and safe containers from recycled PET. Stay tuned for more to come.

Longo’s has introduced an alternative to our plastic salad bar container. This container is made from sugar cane and is compostable and biodegradable. We are offering our consumer the options of PET or Pulp product container at our salad bar …you choose!!

Longo’s is also using reusable totes to transport product from our production facilities to the stores.  This has reduced our use of cardboard boxes need to package our goods prepared.

Changing the Standard with Technology

Longo's is seeking out environmentally friendly building and equipment technology to optimize our day to day operations.
Some energy efficient equipment being used or considered:

(Longo's stores are 25-30% more efficient than standard code-built retail stores.)

H-Vac Dual Path system (most efficient on the market). Reuses the cooling of cases to be re-circulated throughout the stores during the warmer seasons and the heat from the compressors to heat during the cooler seasons.

store lighting is reduced during peak hydro times in order to conserve energy and reduce demand from the grid.

EnWave System utilized in the downtown area to utilize water from Lake Ontario to heat and cool the buildings in surrounding areas. This technology will be utilized for our new Air Canada Center store, now under construction.

Longo's In The Community

Longo’s has partnered with environmentally friendly suppliers who, in turn, replenish the earth by planting trees on our behalf.

St. Joe's Boy Scout Tree Planting program - we have planted over 20,500 seedlings to date based on paper usage for our flyers.