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Longo's Community Caring Program
Our ability to contribute is a proud part of the Longo’s culture. That's why we felt it is important to tell you about how the process works and how we have focused our support towards children’s and women’s charities and organizations.
Areas of Support
While it would make us happy and proud to be able to give to the numerous requests for funding that we receive, we also have to stay within our budget. In conjunction with our philosophies and the culture at Longo’s, our Community Caring Program focuses on the 3 key areas of: Disease Prevention & Education, Children & Youth, and Child Nutrition & Food Aid Programs.
How to submit a request for charitable contributions:
All requests for donations and sponsorships of events must be submitted by filling out a Request for Support application form.
In addition, requests for donations and sponsorship of events must be submitted with a cover letter on your organization’s official letterhead, outlining the following:
  • The goals and purpose of the charity, organization, and/or event
  • National, provincial or local affiliations
  • How Longo’s specifically will be able to help your organization
  • All sponsorship and event details including: time, date, place, who is attending, the number of people expected to attend, media representation, print articles, and any other advertising arrangements
  • A description of how Longo’s support will be recognized (and whether you require our corporate logo and in what format)
We review all requests on a monthly basis. If your request is granted, we will contact you directly. Please do not call about the status of your request.
For local, community-based events, please direct your written request to the Store Manager. Please submit your request to only one Longo’s location. Sponsorship of events at the store level is limited to product and gift certificates only.
For national events occurring in more than one community (ie. walks, runs, etc.), the request must go thru our Head Office to avoid duplication of efforts.
One Final Note
Longo’s does not consider funding for the following:
  1. Individuals: We will, however, consider giving to organizations that help individuals.
  2. Third Parties: We prefer to support the charity or organization directly rather than support an event.
  3. Organizations including employee recognition activities, professional seminars, company events, etc.
  4. We cannot permit solicitation on our property by any organization, for any purpose.


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