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Admin Links Admin Links  The list contains links to picture and document libraries that are supposed to be updated by a content administrator  18 15 months ago
CookingTerms CookingTerms  List of cooking terms which are displayed on the Glossary page.  481 15 months ago
In The News In The News  This list contains news ("Title") and urls ("URL") that are displayed in "In the news" section of "In the news" page  22 15 months ago
Job Posts Job Posts  List of jobs which are posted to Careers site by HR Department.  19 3 days ago
Recipes With Ingredients Recipes With Ingredients    461 7 months ago
StoreDB StoreDB    External * 2 years ago
Stores Stores  The list contains stores' names and addresses  31 16 hours ago
Team Member Story Team Member Story  List of team member stories which are shared on the Careers section  3 15 months ago
* Data for this list resides in a repository outside of SharePoint. Item counts are not available for these lists.
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