Canning and Preserving

Eat Local Longer

Sunshine in a jar. At the height of the local harvest, we've got you covered. Grab a basket of local produce and the tools you need to make it last into the fall and winter. Try pickling some beets with mouth-tingling spices or transforming zucchini into refreshing relish. Besides, they look so pretty in the jars.

Our Expert Tips for Preserving
We have some great tips and tricks for you to try! Make sure to follow recipes closely to ensure the right amount of vinegar or other preserving liquid is used. We also suggest using non-metallic utensils, making sure to remove air bubbles from jars before closing, and checking if the water in your canner or pot covers the jar tops before boiling. Don't forget to check the sealing discs to see if they are curved down when gently pressed after cooling. When pickling, play with your herbs and spices to create fabulous flavour combinations! Try relishes, salsas, jams or fruit in syrups for a fun twist on canning.

Allen's Pickling Vinegar


Sifto Coarse Salt


Club House Pickling Spice


Bernardin Wide Mouth Smooth Sided Jars


Bernardin Mason Jars


Assorted Fresh Vegetables

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