Until August 5th

Fresh Sweet Bi-Colour Corn

Product of Ontario

4 pack

Fresh Green Seedless Grapes

Product of U.S.A.

Fresh Canadian Boned Atlantic Salmon Side


OKA L'Artisan Cheese

Original and Smoked

40% OFF

Fresh Broccoli

Product of Ontario

Only at Longo's

Longo’s Italian Style Pork Sausages

Made with 100% local Ontario pork shoulders and NO FILLERS.
500g pkg

Longo's Fresh Grape Tomatoes

Product of Ontario
255g pkg

Longo's BBQ or Grilling Sauces

350mL bottle
* 50 bonus points

Longo's Frozen Tempura Shrimp

500g pkg

Longo's Kombucha

selected variaties

340mL bottle

Longo's Peanut Butter or Wildberry Cheesecake

600g pkg

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