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Overhead image of spiced pork and bulgur ingredients on a cream surface.
Spiced Pork and Bulgur

Simple, healthy meals are perfect to enjoy during this busy time of year. Keep pantry staples and spices on hand for quick weeknight meals.

Overhead image of jalapeno popper chicken calzones recipe ingredients on a cream surface.
Jalapeño Popper Chicken Calzones

If you love jalapeño poppers, you will also love this hearty chicken-filled spin on the classic appetizer. Be sure to wear gloves when seeding and chopping the peppers to help keep the heat off your fingers.

Overhead image of poached egg dinner bowls recipe ingredients on a cream surface.
Poached Egg Dinner Bowls

Eggs are easy and make a wonderful dinner. Poached eggs offer up a creaminess to this bowl that you will love. Change it up with the variation and use your favourite frozen or fresh vegetables.

Overhead image of veggie sausage cassoulet ingredients on a cream surface,
Veggie Sausage Cassoulet

Everyone in the house will enjoy this meal. Use the remaining baguette to sop up all the sauce with this one-pot meal. Choose the mild Italian plant-based sausages in the freezer section of the meat department for the best flavour.

Overhead image of teriyaki ribs and kimchi rice ingredients on a cream surface.
Teriyaki Ribs and Kimchi Rice

Keep a package of frozen Longo’s Teriyaki Asian-Style Beef Short Ribs in your freezer for when you want to make this delicious meal. Use half the box for this recipe and enjoy the rest for another meal or double up and enjoy the leftovers.

1 bunch green onions

6 jalapeño peppers

1 bunch fresh cilantro

1 pkg (283g) Longo’s Organic Baby Kale

1 red bell pepper

1 pkg (227g) Longo’s 5 Cheese Dip

1 jar Longo’s Korean Style Kimchi

4 bone-in pork loin chops (about 700g total)

1 pkg (400g) frozen mild Italian plant-based sausages

1 box (1.2kg) Longo’s Teriyaki Asian-Style Beef Short Ribs

1 pkg (700g) Longo’s Pizza Dough

1 pkg Longo’s Bulgur

1 can (398mL) Longo’s Organic Black Beans

1 can (540mL) Longo’s Essentials Romano Beans

1 Longo’s Baguette

1 Longo’s Rotisserie Chicken (1kg)

1 pkg (400g) Longo’s Ready For Sauté Vegetables (onion, pepper, mushroom)

1 pkg (400g) Longo’s Kitchen Basmati Rice

1 pkg (450g) Longo’s Kitchen Vegetable Fried Rice

Longo’s Essentials Canola Oil

Longo’s Essentials Sesame Seeds

Longo’s Medium Salsa

Salt and pepper

Longo’s Herb and Garlic Rub

Longo’s Essentials Low Sodium Vegetable Broth

Longo’s Enriched Coop Eggs

Longo’s Korean Grilling Sauce

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