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Longo's Fall 2021 Experience Magazine
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Fall 2021

This fall, it’s all about finding joy in your routine.

In this issue of Experience Magazine, we welcome you back to Thanksgiving entertaining with the star of our show — Longo’s Festive Meal Kits! Discover new recipes that will warm up the season.

Longo's Summer 2021 Experience Magazine

Summer 2021

Dive into the tastiest summer dishes featuring local produce at peak ripeness, backyard barbecue ideas you can whip up in no time or the best grilling recipes that will have you taking it outside every chance you get.

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Longo's Spring 2021 Experience Magazine

Spring 2021

In this issue of our Experience Magazine, we’re excited to bring you simple recipe ideas for Spring. Enjoy newly blooming flowers, savour the freshest fish, and don't forget to celebrate Spring spuds!
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Longo's Holiday 2020 Experience Magazine

Holiday 2020

Our holiday Experience Magazine includes inspiration for smaller gatherings and unique dishes. Discover mouth-watering cheeses, show-stopping main courses, reimagined surf & turf classics, and new Curato products that embody the spirit of family.
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Longo's Fall 2020 Experience Magazine

Fall 2020

The newest issue of Longo's Experience Magazine is here, with a spotlight on local produce and meats, Thanksgiving meals and great Canadian cheeses.
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Longo's Summer 2020 Experience Magazine

Summer 2020

This summer issue of Longo's Experience Magazine focuses on Summer grilling, local produce, and sustainability.
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Longo's Spring 2020 Experience Magazine

Spring 2020

This spring issue of Longo's Experience Magazine focuses on lighter feasting, plant-based meals and Easter entertaining.
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Longo's Holiday 2019 Experience Magazine

Holiday 2019

In this issue, get elegant recipes made with the best seasonal ingredients, give your festive feast a delicious makeover and ring in the new year with the best from land and sea.
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Longo's Fall 2019 Experience Magazine

Fall 2019

In this issue, get bowled over by soups starring the sweetest spuds, explore Portugal’s award-winning cheeses and Charcuterie and feast on fool-proof recipes that you’ll give thanks for.
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