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Freshness & Satisfaction Guarantee

Freshness Guarantee

Delivery and Pickup

When you choose delivery or pickup, your fresh items will arrive with a guaranteed minimum number of days left before expiration – that’s our freshness guarantee.

Product TypeGuaranteed Days Before Expiry
Dairy products5 days
Shelf-stable juice products7 days
Fresh-squeezed juice products2 days
Fresh meat, chicken and fish3 days
Ground meat2 days
Deli/processed meats7 days
Boxed bakery items (cupcakes, cookies, etc.)5 days
Freshly-baked muffins3 days
Bagged salads3 days
Sliced loaves and fresh-baked bread2 days
Single-serve beverages (<600mL)4 days

Prepared Foods:  Our Kitchen-made meals are prepared fresh in-store. Longo's does not gas-inject fresh packaged meals, so it is not uncommon to see "best before" dates as early as the day of or day after delivery.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Delivery and Pickup

There’s nothing more satisfying than opening a fridge full of fresh groceries. Glistening apples, fresh juice, and ready-to-eat lasagna – that’s our perfect view. We want it to be yours too. Our delivery team will review your order with you to make sure everything is perfect on arrival.

That's part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with an item you receive or have mistakenly ordered the wrong product, let your delivery team member know during delivery and they’ll take the item back and arrange for a credit to your account.

If you notice a concern after your driver has left, please call or email our Guest Care team about any order issues within seven days of the day on which the item was (or was to be) delivered. We can arrange for a credit to your account and pick up of the item.

Product Availability

What’s a midnight snack without your favourite cheese? Just like you, we have our preferred grocery items and get disappointed when they are out of stock.  Occasionally, items that were in stock when you placed your order will be out of stock when your order is being selected for delivery. If a product is out of stock, we will try to provide a suitable substitute (as similar as possible to your original selection), but only if you authorize it. You can authorize a substitution by selecting the "accept substitutions” checkbox next to an item when you check out. 

If a substitution is made, you will always be charged the lower of the two prices. This means if the substitute item costs more than the original item, then you will only pay the lower price of the item you originally ordered. If the substitute item costs less than the original item, then you will pay the lower price of the substituted item.  When your order arrives at your door, if you are unhappy with the substitution and do not want to keep it, please let your delivery Team Member know. It will be returned and the cost credited to your account. We’ll always do our best to select and pack your order to get your favourites to your door.