August 6th - 19th


We practice what we peach. Join us to celebrate the juiciest time of the year; our Annual Peachfest! From August 6th to 19th, enjoy 2 weeks of fresh, peach-filled goodness.

From farm to Longo's in 24 hours
We're proud to partner with local Ontario farmers, like Edgewood Orchards. The Troup family of Edgewood Orchards has grown incredible peaches for five generations. For over 20 years, Longo's has partnered with them to bring this local goodness straight to you.

Fresh Ontario Peaches

Product of Ontario


Fresh Tree Ripe Large Peaches

Product of U.S.A.


Fresh White Peaches

Product of U.S.A.


Peach Strudel 12"


Peach Streusel Danish


Peach Cream Pie