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Hans Dairy Kheer Rice Pudding


UPC #:00627386006008

Product information

Real milk.

Gluten free.

Ingredients & nutritional information
Ingredients: Milk, Rice, Sugar
Serving Size: Per 125g
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 190.00000
% Daily Value
Total Fat4.50000 g 14
Trans Fat0.10000 g
Cholesterol15.00000 mg 6
Saturated Fat3.00000 g
Cholesterol15.00000 mg 6
Sodium115.00000 mg 5
Total Carbohydrate30.00000 g 10
Sugars12.00000 g
Protein8.00000 g
Calcium mg 25
Vitamin A 15
Saturated Trans Fat g 14
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) mg 4
Iron mg 2
Fibre0.00000 g 0

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