Stuffed Loaded Fingerling Potato Skins

Prep time:10 min
Total time:52 min

Serves 6 to 8


1 pkg (1.5lb) fingerling potatoes, scrubbed

2 tbsp Longo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 tsp each salt and pepper, divided 4 slices Longo’s Coppa Ham, chopped

1/4 cup shredded friulano

or provolone cheese

2 tbsp Longo’s mayonnaise

2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley Pinch Longo’s Cayenne Pepper


  • Toss potatoes with oil and 1/4 tsp each of the salt and pepper. Place on baking sheet and bake in preheated 375°F oven for about 30 minutes or until tender when pierced with a toothpick. Let cool for 10 minutes.
  • Cut the top off each potato lengthwise and, using a small spoon, scoop out warm potato flesh from bottom and top; chop up the top and add to the scooped out potato flesh.
  • Stir in coppa, cheese, mayonnaise, parsley, cayenne and remaining salt and pepper into potato flesh until well combined. Spoon filling into potatoes.
  • Heat grill to medium, about 350°F. Place filled potatoes onto greased grill; close lid and grill for about 10 minutes or until filling is hot and bubbly.

Nutritional Information

Per serving (1/8th recipe): 200 calories
  • Protein 5g
  • Fibre 2g
  • Fat 10g
  • Sugar 1g
  • Carbs 23g
  • Sodium 320mg