July 9th - 22nd
Our 4th Annual Shrimpfest is back! Contrary to the name, it’s actually a big deal.  Whether you’re looking for raw, cooked or organic shrimp, we offer an amazing selection including sweet black tiger shrimp, impressive jumbo shrimp, globally inspired coconut and tempura shrimp – and more. We’re thrilled to introduce 14 new Longo’s shrimp varieties — whatever type you're looking for to satisfy your shrimp cravings, you'll find it here. Shop our shrimply spectacular selection in-store today! 

Previously Frozen or Frozen Raw White Shrimp Skewer

5 shrimp per skewer

Previously Frozen Raw Marinated Herb and Garlic Shrimp Skewer

6 shrimp per skewer

Previously Frozen or Frozen Wild Argentina Raw Shrimp


Longo's Seafood Sauce

selected varieties

Longo's Frozen Cooked Pacific White Shrimp Ring


Longo's Frozen Raw Easy Peel Black Tiger Shrimp


Longo's Frozen Cooked Peeled Tail-On White Pacific Shrimp


Spaghetti with Garlic Shrimp Meal Kit

serves 2

Spicy Shrimp Volcano Rolls

Made in-store fresh daily. While supplies last.

Longo's Bread Crumbs

selected varieties

Longo's Frozen Tempura Shrimp